About us

We are Boutique La Villa where you can find fashion as unique as you are! ​

Boutique La Villa is a women's clothing and accessories store with a vibrant boutique located in the Greek Town of Toronto. It was founded in December 2005. We import from around the world including Spain, Italy, Turkey, Nepal and USA. We love and support Canadian fashion.

We offer a variety of different styles of apparel, ranging from work place to casual and formal, but most importantly we offer style with comfort. About 70% of our collections is made with natural fibers. We also take pride in working with many fair trade companies to bring you ethically produced apparel.

Some of the brands/ designers we work with are; Dolcezza, Desigual, Leopards & Roses, PURE Venice, Papillon, Picadilly, Suzie Blue, Plum Loco, Own It, Mavi Jeans, Espe, Davan, Milo Expressions, Kenneth Bell, Seraglio Accessories, and many more...

At Boutique La Villa, we do what we love. We meet you, our lovely customers every day, we strive to provide you an excellent customer service each and every time, and knowing that you had a memorable experience at Boutique La Villa fulfills our mission. ​

Whether you are a first time visitor or a long standing customer, we hope you enjoy your visit at Boutique La Villa Online. Happy shopping! ​

And please do not hesitate to share your feedback. That's how we grow! ❤️