Brad Thomas Photography at Boutique La Villa


As Boutique La Villa we love to support local artists. I would like to introduce you to Brad Thomas, whose art liven up our walls. Thomas likes to "photograph unique things in a simple way, and simple things in a unique way".

"Through vivid and unusual imagery I am trying to originate new and unexpected connections between otherwise isolated concepts. To me, it’s like a dream-an altered state of consciousness. The paint represents your synapses making these connections.

William James quote “ instead of thoughts of concrete things patiently following one another in a beaten track of habitual suggestion, we have the most abrupt cross-cuts and transitions from one idea to another, the most rarefied abstractions and discriminations, the most unheard of combination of elements, the subtlest association of analogy. We seem suddenly introduced into a seething cauldron of ideas, where everything is bustling and bubbling about in a state of bewildering activity “

Henri Poincare describes an episode of insomnia “ ideas rose in crowds; I felt them collide until pairs interlocked , making a stable connection “

- Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas Photography is now available for purchase for all art lovers at Boutique La Villa. 📷🧡

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